Customer Support Manager(CSM)

One of the unique features of My Abode is the role of Customer Support Manager  (CSM)and the delivery model centred on the human touch. Each family will be allocated a dedicated CSM who will be the point of service delivery. In order to make life easier for the elderly as well as their siblings, the appointed CSM will be the same throughout the entire service plan period, so that over the period of time the CSM and elderly parents would build a strong relationship which will help in better delivery of services.

Connectivity and Reach

In order to make the life easier and for the better understanding of parents situation siblings can connect with   Customer Support Manager at any point of time. Also Customer Support Manager will be proactively communicating with the siblings at all times so that any situation can be handled flawlessly with minimal disturbance to the elderly.

24/7 Emergency Service

Emergency can happen to anyone at any point of time especially for the elder people. We at My Abode will be ready to handle any emergency situation of your parents at any point of time. In order to handle the emergency situation faster we will create emergency plan for your parents which we cover all the information required so that we can act quickly when the emergency strikes.


Another area which we support the elderly people is the emotional and social well being. Elderly often living in solicitude require emotional support our dedicated manger is trained to look these aspects by building a relationship with the elders in the family they support by spending quality time. We also help the siblings in arranging surprise birthday parties and help the elderly in attending the social events.